Staff & Teams

Mrs S Elliott - Head Teacher

Miss S Hulme - Head of School and Deputy Head

Miss C Waddle - Deputy Head and SENCO

Mrs S Brown - Pupil Welfare Manager


The Foundation Stage Team:

Mrs L Ashby - Assistant Head Teacher/Foundation Stage Leader

Mr C Bryan - Foundation Two/HLTA

Mrs L Cox - Foundation One/HLTA

Mrs C Cox - Foundation Two 1-2-1 Support

Mrs L Hampson - Teaching Foundation One & Two

Miss H McVeigh - Foundation Two 1-2-1 Support

Miss L Michie - Foundation One and Two 1-2-1 Support

Mr U Muhammed - Foundation One

Mrs L Flanagan - Foundation Two Teacher/Phonics Leader

Mrs H Keyl - Foundation One Teacher/KS1 SENCO

Miss H Wilby - Foundation Two Teacher

Key Stage One Team:

Mrs R Hewitt - Key Stage One leader/ Year 2 Teacher/History Leader

Mrs L Brook Year 2 Teacher/Computer Leader

Mrs H Charlton Year 1 & 1-2-1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Davis - Year 1 Teacher/DT Leader

Mrs D Goddard - Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Holdsworth - Year 2 Teacher/Art Leader

Miss S Penny - Year 2 & 1-2-1 Teaching Assistant

Miss K Thompson - Year 1 Teacher




Lower Key Stage Two Team:

Mrs C Cox - Individual Support

Miss S Deane - Year 3 Teacher

 Miss G Gibbs - Year 3 Teacher/Modern Languages Leader 

Mrs C Langdon - Individual Support

Miss H Langley - Year 4 Teacher/RE Leader/Science Leader

Mrs J Madden - Year 4/PE Leader

Miss A Russell - Teaching Assistant/HILTA

 Mrs J Westerman -  Teaching Assistant/HILTA

Upper Key Stage Two Team:

Miss S Hulme - Deputy Head Teacher/English Leader/Year 6 Teacher

Miss C Waddle - Deputy Head Teacher/SENCO Leader/Year 6 Teacher

Miss S Jones - Year 5 Teacher

Mrs K O’Brien - Year 6 Teacher/Maths Leader  

Mrs B Shacklady - Year 5 Teacher/Geography Leader


Administration Team:

Mrs P Rothwell - School Business Manager

Mrs L Spittlehouse - Senior Administrator

Mrs L Thomas - Administrator

Mr M Skelton - Site Superintendent