Phonics Intent – Learn to Read, Read to Learn, Love to Read

At Methley Primary School, from the start of Early Years our children begin their reading journey, we ensure that our children learn the skills they need to read, spell and apply new words from the moment they begin school.

Through a consistent approach to phonics, we develop our children’s fluency, accuracy and confidence when reading. We aim to promote a lifelong love of reading and provide our children with countless opportunities through good quality phonics teaching, helping our children to ‘learn to read’, ‘read to learn’ and ultimately ‘love to read’.

As a school, we are currently transitioning to the phonics scheme 'Read Write Inc.' (RWI) We believe by following this phonics scheme, our children will develop the skills they need to become confident and fluent readers who enjoy reading and apply their skills competently in their writing. Our aim is for children to complete the phonics program as quickly as possible.


RWI is currently delivered to children in Early Years to Year 2 and some children in Key Stage 2 who require phonics teaching to develop their reading skills. Children are grouped homogeneously in line with their reading knowledge. Within phonics lessons, children will gradually be introduced to new sounds and have daily practice reading books with previously taught sounds in to develop their fluency, comprehension and reading aloud skills. They will complete writing activities in line with their phonics knowledge. Children are assessed every half term to ensure they are receiving the targeted teaching they need to progress quickly. Those children who require extra support beyond their phonics lessons will receive one to one tuition to ensure taught learning is sticking and no gaps are forming. Alongside phonics teaching, all our children will enjoy a variety of story, non-fiction and poetry books.


We have very good  phonics screening results at Methley Primary School. Although we are very proud of this, we want our children to have a love of reading and confidence in their writing. We hope that the implementation of RWI will give our children the knowledge they need to write with accuracy and confidence, whilst ensuring that every child is able to read with confidence.  

What is phonics?

What is RWI phonics?

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