Phonics Intent – Learn to Read, Read to Learn, Love to Read

At Methley Primary School, from the start of Early Years our children begin their reading journey, we ensure that our children learn the skills they need to read, spell and apply new words from the moment they begin school.

Through a consistent approach to phonics, we develop our children’s fluency, accuracy and confidence when reading. We aim to promote a lifelong love of reading and provide our children with countless opportunities through good quality phonics teaching, helping our children to ‘learn to read’, ‘read to learn’ and ultimately ‘love to read’.

At the moment we follow ‘Letters and Sounds’ for all phonics lessons which we have adapted to ensure all areas are taught and covered in depth; to complement and enhance our teaching of phonics we also use:

  • Jolly phonics for sound recognition and pronunciation
  • Read Write Inc letter rhymes for handwriting and letter formation.

During this year (as per DfE guidance) we will be migrating to following the ‘Read, Write Inc’ scheme for our phonics lessons. Detailed and essential training will be provided to all staff and all resources and training will be in place by September 2022.