Our Team
Meet our wonderful team!

Mrs S Elliott - Head Teacher

Miss S Hulme - Head of School and Deputy Head

Miss C Waddle - Deputy Head and SENDCO

Mrs S Brown - Pupil Welfare Manager

The Foundation Stage Team:

Mrs L Ashby - Assistant Head Teacher/Foundation Stage Leader

Mrs H Keyl - Foundation One Teacher/EYFS SENDCO

Mrs L Cox - Foundation One Support /HLTA

Mr U Muhammed - Foundation One Support

Mrs L Flanagan - Foundation Two Teacher/Phonics Leader

Miss H Wilby - Foundation Two Teacher

Mr C Bryan - Foundation Two support/HLTA

Mrs C Cox - Foundation Two and Year 5 1:1 Support

Mrs L Hampson -  Foundation Two support

Miss L Michie - Foundation One and Two 1:1 Support

Key Stage One Team:

Mrs R Hewitt - Key Stage One leader/ Year 2 Teacher/History Leader

Mrs L Brook Year 2 Teacher/Computing Leader

Mrs H Charlton Foundation Two and Year 1 1:1 Support

Mrs B Davis - Year 1 Teacher/DT Leader

Mrs D Goddard - Year 1 Support

Mrs L Holdsworth - Year 2 Teacher/Art Leader

Miss S Penny - Year 2 and 1:1 support

Miss K Thompson - Year 1 Teacher

Miss H McVeigh - Year 2 and Year 1 1:1 Support


Lower Key Stage Two Team:

Miss S Deane - Year 3 Teacher

Miss G Gibbs - Year 3 Teacher/Modern Languages Leader

Mrs C Langdon - Year 1 and 5 1:1 Support

Miss H Langley - Year 4 Teacher/RE Leader/Science Leader

Mrs K Stamer- Year 4/PE Leader

Mrs K Quilter- Year 4

Miss J Lowe - Year 4 Support

Miss A Russell - HLTA

Mrs J Westerman -  HILTA

Mrs E Kerrigan - Year 3 and 5 Support

Upper Key Stage Two Team:

Miss S Hulme - Deputy Head Teacher/English Leader/Year 6 Teacher

Miss C Waddle - Deputy Head Teacher/SENCO Leader/Year 6 Teacher

Miss S Jones - Year 5 Teacher

Mrs K O’Brien - Year 6 Teacher/Maths Leader  

Mrs B Shacklady - Year 5 Teacher/Geography Leader

Mrs C Cox - Foundation 2 and Year 5 1:1 Support

Mrs S Johnston - Year 6 Support

Administration Team:

Mrs T Ainsworth - School Business Manager

Mrs L Spittlehouse - Senior Administrator

Mrs L Thomas - Administrator

Ms J Tran - Site Superintendent

Application timetable

The below timetable applies to applications made to Leeds City Council. If you apply to another local authority, they may have different dates

Admissions Timetable (2024 start)
Applications Open
1 November 2024
Deadline date for applications for Reception places in September 2022
15 January 2024
Late applications
12 February 2024
National Offers Day
16 April 2024
Deadline date for parents wishing to lodge an appeal (please return appeal forms to the academy)
14 May 2024
Date on which Year Reception appeal hearings will be held
June – July 2024
Appeal decision letters to be sent
Within 5 working days from date of hearing wherever possible