Parent Voice

We want your child’s time at our school to be happy and educationally fulfilled. At Methley, we firmly believe home and school working together as a team is the best way to achieve this.

What has been said about us:

Parents Evening

'My child is like a new child- at home as well as school, thanks to MPS'

New parents- 'We have friends who send their children here and they speak very highly of the school and its staff.'

'My child has settled so well into a new school thanks to the staff going above and beyond to make them feel welcome

and support the transition.'

Open Evening: 'I have learnt more about this school in half an hour than in the 2 years my child has been at their currrent school.'

'Thank you for supporting different extra curricular activities- my child is not sporty but loves instrument tuition.'

Parent Survey July 2023

* Children know who to approach if they have a problem

* The school deals with bullying well

* Children enjoying coming to school